This command can only be used for a Polyaxon deployment with a scheduler enabled

You can always access the help menu for this command by adding --help


$ polyaxon run [OPTIONS]

Run polyaxonfile specification.


$ polyaxon run -f file -f file_override ...

Upload before running

$ polyaxon run -f file -u

Start logs after running

$ polyaxon run -f file -u -l

Run and add a ttl of 60 seconds after the experiment is done (succeeds or fails)

$ polyaxon run -f file --ttl=60

Run and set description and tags for this run

$ polyaxon run -f file -u --description="Description of the current run" --tags="foo, bar, moo"

Run and set a unique name for this run

polyaxon run --name=foo


option type description
-f, --file PATH The polyaxon files to run.
--name [optional] TEXT Name to give to this run, must be unique within the project, could be none.
--description [optional] TEXT The description to give to this run.
--tags [optional] TEXT Tags of this run, comma separated values.
--ttl [optional] INT Time to live for the current run after it's done.
-l [optional] To start logs after running.
-u [optional] To upload the repo before running.
--help Show this message and exit.