This command can be used for all Polyaxon deployment types (i.e. it does not require a scheduler)

You can always access the help menu for this command by adding --help

Set and get global configurations.

Get global config by keys


$ polyaxon config get [OPTIONS] [KEYS]...

Get the global config values by keys.


$ polyaxon config get host http_port

Set global config keys


$ polyaxon config set [OPTIONS]

Set the global config values.


$ polyaxon config set --host=localhost --http_port=80


option type description
--verbose BOOLEAN To set the verbosity of the client.
--host TEXT To set the server endpoint.
--http_port INTEGER To set the http port.
--ws_port INTEGER To set the stream port.
--use_https BOOLEAN To set the https.
--help Show this message and exit..