Polyaxon allows users to manage all logs generated by jobs, builds, and experiments containers in Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

Create an Google cloud storage bucket

You should create a google cloud storage bucket (e.g. plx-logs), and you have to assign permission to the bucket.

Google cloud storage provide an easy way to download access key as json file. You should create a secret based on that json file.

Create a secret on Kubernetes

You should then create a secret with this access keys information on Kubernetes on the same namespace as Polyaxon deployment:

kubectl create secret generic gcs-secret --from-file=gcs-secret.json=path/to/gcs-key.json -n polyaxon

Use the secret name and secret in your logs persistence definition

    store: gcs
    bucket: gs://[BUCKET-NAME]
    secret: [SECRET-NAME]
    secretKey: [SECRET-KEY]


    store: gcs
    bucket: gs://logs-bucket
    secret: gcs-secret
    secretKey: gcs-secret.json