Polyaxon makes it easy to start Jupyter Notebooks on your projects for you and your team members.


Users can run notebook jobs on projects level, these jobs are subject to the same permissions of the project they belong to.

To learn more about Polyaxon notebook CLI, run polyaxon notebook --help, or check the command reference

Future releases will allow you to specify a default notebook image and backend to start notebooks/labs without providing a polyaxonfile

Create a polyaxonfile for your notebook

To create a notebook, you need a polyaxonfile to customize the container running your notebook:

version: 1

kind: notebook

  image: python:3
    - pip3 install jupyter

Start the notebook

Now you can start the jupyter notebook on the project

polyaxon notebook start -f polyaxonfile_notebook.yml

Notebook is being deployed for project `mnist`

It may take some time before you can access the dashboard.

Your notebook will be available on:

Notebook commands accept [context switching])(/references/polyaxon-cli/#switching-context) which means that you can create a notebook for project other than the one initialized, or without initializing a local folder.

polyaxon notebook start -p my-project-name -f polyaxonfile_notebook.yml

Stop a running notebook

To stop a notebook, run the following command in your terminal

polyaxon notebook stop


polyaxon notebook -p my-project-name stop

More info about how to customize notebooks

Learn more about the notebook concept in Polyaxon, and how you can customize notebooks run environment